Cyclops Shark in Mexico: Scientists Confirms Shark With Cyclopia

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Cyclops Shark
Cyclops shark
Photo Credit: Marcela Bejarano-Álvarez

A rare cyclops shark caught in Mexico has been confirmed by scientists from the Interdisciplinary Center of Marine Sciences in La Paz, Mexico.

The cyclops shark, a 22-inch fetus, has a single functioning eye on its head. Scientist explained that the cyclops shark has cyclopia, a congenital condition that rarely occurs on animal species and humans, according to reports by several international news sites on Tuesday, October 18, 2011.

Enrique Lucero León, a Mexican fisherman, discovered the cyclops shark when he legally caught a pregnant dusky shark near Cerralvo Island, in the Gulf of California. León found the male fetus together with other nine normal siblings inside the captured dusky shark.

Scientists borrowed the fetus from Leon for their research. After conducting several examinations, they were able to confirm that it is indeed a cyclops shark.

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