Cyclone Yasi, the Strongest Cyclone Bearing Down on Australia

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Killer Cyclone
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Tropical cyclone Yasi, the strongest cyclone to date, is bearing down on Australian coast at about 10:00 pm, February 2, 2011, Wednesday, (1200 GMT.)

Airports, like Cairns and Townsville are closed, likewise with  about 300 schools within the area, because the cyclone was upgraded to Category 5 with expected winds from 280, 295 to 320 km/h. Residents, especially those in low lying areas are urged to evacuate as early as possible. Cyclone Yasi’s path crosses the coastal areas of Australia.

According to the Australian Government, Bureau of Meteorology:

THE VERY DESTRUCTIVE CORE OF CYCLONE YASI WILL CROSS THE COAST NEAR INNISFAIL CLOSE TO MIDNIGHT, WITH A DANGEROUS STORM TIDE AND BATTERING WAVES SOUTH OF THE CYCLONE CENTRE. Tropical Cyclone Yasi, CATEGORY 5, will continue to move in a west-southwesterly direction and is expected to cross the coast near Innisfail close to midnight. Coastal residents between Cairns and Ayr are specifically warned of an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS SEA LEVEL RISE [i.e. storm tide] as the cyclone approaches, crosses the coast and moves inland. “Cyclone Yasi was about 650 km east-northeast of Cairns and 650 km northeast of Townsville towards west southwest at 30 km/h.

People are urged to stay inside even after a lull because they might be at the eye of the cyclone. Residents in their homes are also warned to take precautions and are encouraged to go to the evacuation centers.

Queensland is still reeling from the recent floods and is getting ready for the worst from cyclone Yasi. For updates, join the Facebook Yasi group or watch news updates from the Bureau of Meteorology.

You can also watch live updates of the cyclone Yasi path at The Daily Telegraph.

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