Customer Almost Swallowed Razor Blade Pieces Found In Dunkin Donuts Croissant

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Razor Blade Pieces Found In
Dunkin’ Donuts Croissant

Credit: WVIT NBC Connecticut

A Connecticut woman named Priscilla Salas reportedly bought a croissant with razor blade pieces inside the pastry and almost swallowed it.

Report says, Salas bought a croissant from a Dunkin Donuts on Boston Post Road in Windham last week which she said she always does almost daily and never had a problem before. She just discovered the razor pieces which were up to a quarter long after biting the pastry and felt something sharp that cut her mouth.

“I was floored completely,” Salas said in a report. “Oh my god, is it what I think it is? I was kind of a shocked.” “It could be a little kid eating it and not noticing it, and just next thing you know, mouth bleeding or something. So it is concerning,” she added.

After the discovery, Salas then called the corporate office of Dunkin Donuts and the police. She was told that the razor blade pieces in her croissant could have been part of a box cutter.

“They felt it was probably a frozen croissant from distribution center and they were going to find the exact location of it,” Salas said as quoted in a report.

Meanwhile, Dunkin Donuts told NBC Connecticut in a statement that they are concerned about the safety of its customers and that Salas‘ experience was an isolated incident. The company also said that they are currently working with the store in question to investigate the incident.

According to reports, the donut company has apologized to Salas and promised that they’ll send her a gift card, but Salas said that she doesn’t care about the company’s money. She just wanted the welfare of others to be aware of everything they buy and eat.

“I just want the public to know and be aware of what they buy and look over everything they eat,” she said.

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