Cristine Reyes’ Spicy Tweets is Due to Sarah Geronimo’s Joke?

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The angry tweets by Cristine Reyes on her @Pilyangsweet Twitter account are really meant for Sarah Geronimo. The clarification was realized when Sarah Geronimo‘s personal assistant, Anna Dasig, defended the Pop Star Princess in her @annadasig Twitter account, according to local entertainment sites.

Dasig tweeted that Geronimo is just joking when she said that “a man is always being chased by a sexy woman if he is a good dancer”. This was Geronimo‘s statement, purportedly made during their dress rehearsals in ASAP XV, that earned the ire of the sexy siren. Geronimo made the remark during the time when John Pratts, Gab Valenciano, and Rayver Cruz were reportedly rehearsing a dance number. Cruz was linked to both Reyes and Geronimo.

Here is the screenshot of Dasig’s tweet in her Twitter account:

However, Reyes does not believe that Geronimo is joking during that time. Here is the screenshot of Cristine‘s response tweets to Dasig:

The angry tweets of Cristine Reyes was earlier reported by local entertainment and blog sites.

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