Crashed Air France plane 2009 debris found in Atlantic Ocean

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Bodies found on 2009 crashed Air France plane (Video)

Investigation team reportedly found debris of the Air France plane that crashed in Atlantic Ocean on a stormy day in 2009, with all the 228 passengers killed.

2009 photo of the crashed Air France plane
Image Credit: AFP/Reuters

According to international news sites on Sunday, April 03, 2011, Bureau d’Enquetes et d’Analyses pour la Securite de l’Aviation Civile (BEA), a French investigation agency, announced that a team discovered the parts of the wrecked plane.

The investigation team, led by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, said they found pieces of the Air France Flight 447 that went missing on June 1, 2009, which came from Rio de Janeiro and on its way to Paris.

However, the team did not disclose further information on what has been found during the undersea search operation using robotic equipment, which was financed by plane manufacturers.

Nevertheless, the black box is still missing, which is essential to determine the cause of the plane crash, in the fourth attempt to conduct investigation, in which the last one was in May 2010, with the previous attempts were said to have a total cost of $28 million.

“This is very good news because it brings with it the hope that at last we will get some information on what caused this accident, which to this day remains unexplained,” Air France-KLM‘s chief executive Pierre-Henri Gourgeon was quoted as saying.

Back in 2009, BEA’s analysis of the debris and bodies that were found concluded that the crashed plane hit the water belly first, and essentially intact.

In addition, oxygen masks were not deployed, which means that the pressure of the cabin did not go down.

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