Couple finds $11,000: Chinese left $11K in cash near Golden Gate Bridge

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A couple finds over $11,000 in cash inside a camera bag left in a parking lot near the Golden Gate Bridge on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2013.

Couple finds $11,000 near Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge
Credit: Rich Niewiroski Jr./Wikimedia Commons

Carlos and Barbara Landeros of Vallejo, California were in San Francisco to spend their Valentine’s Day dinner when they discovered the bag containing credit cards, papers and more than $11,000.

The couple waited for the owner of the unattended bag, that was first discovered by Barbara.

They started looking inside the bag after almost an hour of waiting for its owner.

According to Barbara, upon seeing the large amount of cash, she “got nervous at first, it could be drug money. I was scared.”

The Landeros couple turned over the bag to authorities. Reports say that police detectives were able to find the owner of the bag, a Chinese tourist named Mark.

Mark revealed that the cash belongs to several families who was traveling with him. He reportedly called the Landeros couple to thank them for returning the bag with over $11,000 cash.

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