Countess Alina de Romanones (Marie Aline Griffith) Precious Jewels To Be Auctioned

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Countess Alina de Romanones Jewels
Countess Alina de Romanones Jewels
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Precious jewels belonging to Doña María Aline Griffith, Countess Alina de Romanones were said to be auctioned, international news reported.

According to reports, the jewel collection composes of brooches, emerald earrings, necklaces, diamonds and rubies which were said to be auctioned in Geneva on May 17, 2011. It will be auctioned together with other jewelry collection belonging to the Duchess of Windsor Wallis Simpson, a $10 million-emerald tiara and an 11-carat pink diamond valued at up to $16 million.

Griffith was said to be working as a model when she was recruited to work for the CIA‘s predecessor OSS in Madrid during the World War II. Griffith married Luis Figueroa y Perez de Guzman el Bueno and later they became the Count and Countess of Romanones.

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