Cotto vs Mayweather Round-per-Round Results: Floyd Mayweather Jr wins via unanimous decision

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Floyd Mayweather Jr beat Miguel Cotto on Saturday, May 5, 2012 at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas, Nevada, via unanimous decision, and is now the new WBA Super Light Middleweight champion.

Miguel Cotto (left) and Floyd Mayweather Jr in
Round 2 of their match in Las Vegas, May 5, 2012

Image Credit: Eric Jamison/AP

As featured at HBO PPV on Saturday night, Floyd Mayweather Jr won against Miguel Cotto after 12 rounds of boxing for the main event being dubbed as “Ring Kings“, with two judges scoring it as 117-111 and the third judge scored it 118-110; all in favor of Mayweather.

For Round 1, Cotto is seen as the one going forward more but Mayweather has landed more punches, as the two boxers notably ended a very close round, with some observers giving it to the undefeated champion.

For Round 2, Cotto is seen seemed to be lifting Mayweather out of the ring in a single leg and apologized later, with Floyd also has been successful in his defense when he was brought into the ropes and even landed counter combinations; but Cotto landed more jabs and reportedly won this round.

For Round 3, Cotto goes to the body of Mayweather and send him again into the ropes and scores another three-punch combination. The Puerto Rican boxer was seen as the more active fighter, who was noted to have won this round by some observers while others gave it to Mayweather.

For Round 4, Mayweather‘s nose is seen bleeding a bit continued to be a good defensive boxer and still landed more punches over Cotto. Since it was again a very close round, observers had mixed results although some of them noted that Floyd is now leading the scores.

For Round 5, Cotto continued his aggressiveness and sent Mayweather in the corner, landed a couple of good shots but the American boxer ties him up. Cotto landed a strong left at Mayweather‘s face as the two boxing gladiators ended the round exchanging blows that reportedly went to Cotto.

For Round 6, Mayweather‘s face is seen now with blood due to his bleeding nose, with Cotto notably starting to dictate the pace and style of the fight and pushing his opponent to the corner right after the bell. Floyd works back to the center of the ring but the round ended with observers giving it again to Cotto.

For Round 7, Mayweather came out more aggressive as the two boxers notably spent more time in the middle of the ring, with Cotto giving a 1-2-3-4 combination to Mayweather‘s body but the rounded ended with Floyd winning it according to most observers.

For Round 8, Floyd opened it with a big right hand and later was seen shaking his head at Cotto as he seemed to have looked shock in the corner. Cotto landed more combination particularly in the last minutes and won that round.

For Round 9, Cotto sent Mayweather back again to the ropes again but did not land solid punches, with the two fighters had some wrestling at the center of the ring and Floyd threw more punches and eventually seen winning that round.

For Round 10, Mayweather landed good left jabs while Cotto, who notably looked tired, kept himself busy throwing body shots successfully and tagged Mayweather with a right that brought the crowd to cheer, and later threw a pair of combinations; but Floyd was said to have won this round.

For Round 11, Cotto seemed to be still looking clean and continued to throw more punches in the first minutes but Mayweather seemed to have the better ones. Floyd was trapped again in the ropes and received a hard combination but later threw more punches and leading the scores.

For Round 12, which is the last round, Mayweather landed a big right and an uppercut to Cotto after they were tied up in the center of the ring, but Miguel recovered as Floyd danced away to safety. The two boxers hugged each other when the round ended; and Mayweather went to the rope and celebrate.

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