Costa Allegra: Costa Cruises Liner Ship Towed to Seychelles Island (Photo)

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Costa Allegra

Costa Allegra Cruise Ship
Image Credit: STRINGER/ITALY/Reuters

The Costa Allegra cruise liner ship stranded off the coast of Seychelles due to an electrical room problem was towed by a French fishing ship, according to reports by several international news sites on Tuesday, February 28, 2012. Costa Allegra, with over 1,000 passengers, is on its way to Mahe, Seychelles when fire struck the ship’s electrical room.

The electrical room fire left the ship without power. Reports say that backup batteries were being used to run essential machinery.

On-board Costa Allegra are 636 passengers of different nationalities and 413 crew members. The cruise ship reportedly can handle a maximum of 1,400 passengers.

The cruise liner, a 600-foot long ship with eight passenger decks and 400 cabins, left the port of Diego Suarez in Madagascar on Saturday, February 25.

Reports say that planes, ships, and tug boats were on their way to provide support and help in the rescue operation on Costa Allegra. The ship’s company, Carnival, revealed that “Costa Crociere and the relevant authorities are acting to provide the ship with the necessary support. Costa Allegra is going to be reached by tugs and other naval and aerial units.”

Below is a statement of Italian coast guard Commander Cosimo Nicastro, explaining the scenario that occurred during their rescue operation and the current state of Costa Allegra.

The shipboard fire-extinguishing system and procedures were promptly activated and the special fire-fighting squads intervened to extinguish the fire. As a precaution, the general emergency alarm was given and all passengers and crew members not engaged in the management of the emergency reached the muster stations with the relevant safety equipment.

Inspections on the state of the engine room are on-going in order to restart the necessary equipment to reactivate the functionality of the ship.

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