Cornelius Dupree Jr. Suffered 30 Years in Jail before being Proven Innocent through DNA Testing

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Dallas, Texas – Cornelius Dupree Jr. had suffered 30 longs years in jail before being proven innocent through DNA testing. This is according to International news reports, January 4, 2011.  He was 20 when he was convicted of the crime, on December 1979. He was supposed to serve a 75- year sentence. Dupree was identified from a police line-up by the woman that led to his conviction and incarceration.

Modern technology through DNA testing though, has exonerated Dupree and another defendant Anthony Massinggil. Massinggil was left behind bars however, due to another sexual assault crime. District Judge Don Adams had no option but to set the innocent man free.

Misidentification of suspects is a continuous disease that has been creeping through the justice system.  Proving the innocence of convicted men behind bars is the primary goal of the Innocence Project. The Innocence Project has been representing “victims’ who were wrongfully convicted.

Cornelius Dupree Jr., now 51, had no long statements prepared for the press. He just said he felt “joyful” to be finally free.

This is a video from PBSNewsHour.

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