Cookie Monster Crater: Craters Spotted by NASA on Mercury Look Like Cookie Monster (PHOTO)

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Cookie Monster Crater of Mercury
Image Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University
Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie
Institution of Washington

Cookie Monster Crater was discovered by NASA scientist on Mercury, from an impact basin containing two small craters and commented on its likeness to the Sesame Street character, according to a report at on Friday, October 12, 2012.

According to the report, scientists working on NASA’s Messenger mission to Mercury spotted the formation and and took the photo last August 29, where shadows on the two smaller craters fit perfectly to create the effect of “popped eyes” on top of a round head, which somehow resembles to that of Cookie Monster of the Sesame Street.

Recent reports said the crater is a giant circle created when a space rock crushed on planet Mercury long ago. Two smaller craters, on the other hand, dot the upper edge of the main impact site. These were formed when lesser asteroids smashed into the planet after the larger strike.

The NASA Messenger probe was launched into space in 2004 and was the first spacecraft to enter orbit around Mercury in 2011.

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