Controversial VW ad at Super Bowl featuring white man with Jamaican accent earns mixed reactions

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The controversial VW ad, which features a white man with Jamaican accent, was aired during the 2013 Super Bowl this Sunday, February 3, 2013, and earned mixed reactions. Some people who saw the Volkswagen commercial on CBS dubbed it as “racist” but others call it simply funny.

VW Super Bowl ad

A scene at the VW 2013 Super Bowl ad
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As reported earlier, Charles Blow of the New York Times and Christopher John Farley of the Wall Street Journal were among those who did not like the Volkswagen Super Bowl ad titled “Get In. Get Happy,” where a white man named Dave from Minnesota talks to his office mates with an Jamaican accent.

“You know what this room needs? A smile. Who wants to come with us?” Dave can be heard saying during a meeting inside his office, who is apparently so happy to tell them about his new bright red new 2013 Volkswagen Beetle. He even toured his boss and one office mate using his brand new car.

During a recent interview by CNN‘s Soledad O’brien, Blow called the controversial VW ad as “like blackface with voices,” while Farley referred it as the “Jar Jar Binks of 2013.” Barbara Lippert, editor-at-large at, was interviewed at NBC‘s “The Today Show, also calling the Volkswagen ad as “racist.”

Also joining those who strongly oppose the said VW Super Bowl commercial include ESPN Sports Business reporter Darren Rovell, and Chris Ziegler, Senior Editor at The Verge, who tweeted this Sunday and called it as the “best racist ad of the super bowl goes to Volkswagen.”

But the same time, there were also those who defended the controversial VW ad. Jamaican Tourism Minister Wykeham McNeill himself earlier said he believes the Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial has the potential to increase the number of tourists visiting their country, calling it as a “creative commercial.”

And when the said VW ad was shown during Super Bowl this Sunday, a lot of fans rushed to Twitter and called it as “appreciative, awesome, and funny.” Some of them even said that they were Jamaicans but they do not see the commercial as offensive or racist as others would claim. What do you think?

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