Connecticut Governor Election 2010 Update: Official Vote Tally to be announced on Thursday

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Updated Nov 6, 1:12pm

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Updated November 5, 9pm

Read Connecticut Election 2010 Update: Dan Malloy won as Governor in Bridgeport vote tally

The official vote tally for Connecticut governor race between Tom Foley and Dan Malloy is set to be announced on Thursday afternoon (US Time), as published on The Washington Post.

This is after all the controversy and confusion that was created, as who among the two candidate really won for governor of Connecticut.

On earlier reports, Connecticut Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz declared Democrat Dan Malloy as the unofficial winner as the state governor, but the result was believed to have includes the absentee votes.

Moments later, another report said that Republican candidate Tom Foley is not conceding to Malloy and apparently said that he is leading by 8,424 votes over his rival.

But on the latest report, Dan Malloy was said to have been leading by about 6,000 votes over Tom Foley.

As of this writing, CBS News unofficial vote tally shows that Malloy has 565,508 votes (50%) and Foley has 559,268 votes or 49%.

Apparently, both candidates have seemed to claim they won the race for Connecticut’s governor.

To end this issue, Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz announced that the official election results will be revealed on Thursday afternoon, US time.

Meanwhile, other news reports said that there are still 10 precincts are expecting to add to the final election result.

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