Connecticut Election Results 2010 Update: Dan Malloy declared as Governor but Foley not conceding

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Updated Nov 6, 1:12pm

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Updated November 4, 11:30am

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Connecticut Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz declared on Wednesday, Dan Malloy as the unofficial winner for the state governor against Tom Foley, according to New York Times.

Malloy, the former mayor of Stamford, was declared the unofficial winner over Republican candidate Tom Foley but the latter is not conceding, the news said.

As of this writing, Republican bet Dan Malloy was said to be leading by 3,103 votes over rival Tom Foley after more than one million votes has been cast, in which the Connecticut Law allows an automatic recount if the lead is below 2,000 votes.

“We believe that Mr. Malloy has won, as it appears that way from the unofficial results.” Bysiewicz was quoted as saying on the press conference.

However, Tom Foley was reported not be conceding as of this moment, and apparently said that his own internal results showed that he won over Dan Malloy with less than 2,000 votes ahead.

“It does raise an eyebrow,” Mr. Foley apparently said on an interview.

“I’m a little surprised that the secretary of state would announce an unofficial result when she admits that she doesn’t have all the information.” The Republican candidate added.

Meanwhile, reports also said that Mr. Foley said he had asked the office of the Secretary of the State to release every single detail of the election results, and compare them to his own records.

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