Commonwealth Games 2010 Opening Ceremony Preview

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Updated October 14:

Here is the Commonwealth Games 2010 (CWG2010) Final Medal Tally.

Updated: October 3.

Here is the Commonwealth Games 2010 Opening Ceremony (Video).

A lot of controversies were being dealt by the Indian government with the upcoming Commonwealth Games 2010.

This includes the recent report that the arrival of the electronic-timing equipment was delayed, in which the cause was that it had also been used for the Youth Olympics in Singapore, international news said today.

Meanwhile, more athletes were reported to be not available to participate including Gymnast Olivia Curran who was said to have suffered from a knee ligament injury during a training on Wednesday.

Earlier, Commonwealth Games Federation president Michael Fennell admitted that there is still a lot of work to be done, while India hired trained monkeys to add security for the participants and visitors.

But to thrill the excitement of many, the Times of India has just released a sneak preview on what to expect on the Commonwealth Games 2010 opening ceremony on October 3.

According to the report, the opening ceremony will last for about three hours and will showcase the culture of India.

The whole ceremony will be divided into seven segments, with dazzling shows that will be performed by over 7,000 artists from all over the country, sources told the Times of India.

The Swagatam will be the welcome song, and will be presented by thousands of school kids. This performance is said to run about 10 minutes, while a ‘Welcome‘ will come alive on the giant screen in all languages.

Next is the Rhythm of India (ROI), where around 500 drums from all over the country will be heard. The show, which is approximately 20 minutes show will showcase feature traditional drums form local places such as Ladakh, Punjab (dhol), Kerala (chenda), and Manipur (pung cholom).

In addition, the Great Indian Journey (GIJ) is said to showcase the life in the heart of India. The 30-minute show will include the journey in the hinterland through bazaars, blacksmiths, milkmen, and street circus.

And of course, the Yoga will be included, originated in India, which will be performed by around 2,000 students from various schools and colleges of the Capital, and will last for about 20 minutes.
But then, the Puppets from Rajasthan are said to the highlight of the show. They are the giant string puppets, which are made out of teracotta, and measures 15-20 feet high, dressed in vibrant colors and costumes of the desert state, and will be controlled by a group of trained persons.

A performance called Celebrations will be included, where a 30-minute dance show will feature different traditional Indian dances, and will be performed by hundreds of local dance artists.

To complete the list, Indian musicians are said to be performing their own classic music in a show called The Knowledge Tree.

This Bollywood-inspired Commonwealth Games 2010 opening ceremony will take place at the restructured 60,000 capacity Jawaharlal Nehru stadium.

Special guests in the upcoming event will include Indian President Pratibha Patil, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, and Prince Charles, reports say.

Meanwhile, here is the Commonwealth Games 2010 Schedule of Events for your reference.

To get the latest Commonwealth Games 2010 medal tally and news highlights, you can visit our CWG2010 Medal Tally and News page.

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