Commonwealth Games 2010 Medal Tally: Australia still leading while India ranks second

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Updated October 14:

Here is the Commonwealth Games 2010 (CWG2010) Final Medal Tally.

Today is the fourth day of the controversial Commonwealth Games 2010 in India, and Australia is still leading while India ranks second in winning gold medals.

In the latest medal tally as of October 7, Australia has 22 gold, 15 silver, and 11 bronze medals under their name, with a total of 48 medals.

Meanwhile, India maintains its second place in winning gold medals, with 12 gold medals as of today. They also brought home 8 silver and 6 bronze medals; and have a total of 26 medals.

However, India has a lot to catch up since Australia’s lead is 22, which is almost half of their medals.

On the other hand, England had 7 gold, 11 silver, and 10 bronze medals, has a total of 28 medals. This made them as second place in terms of the number of medals won, while India landed on the third spot.

Speaking of Australia, 19-year old Megan Dunn just won her second gold medal in the 10-kilometer scratch race, while she got her first gold medal in the women’s 25-kilometer race.

For India, Vijay Kumar and Gurpreet Singh won the gold medal in the 25-meter pistol pairs. This is just among the many gold medals that the host country has won in that field.

Meanwhile, there had been reports that about 15 swimmers from England and Australian teams experienced a stomach virus, which was said to be caused by the drinking water at the aquatics center in New Delhi.

Commonwealth Games 2010 Federation President Mike Fernnel said officials will immediately take a look on this matter, reports say.

Below is the latest medal tally of the Commonwealth Games 2010 we got from

To get the latest Commonwealth Games 2010 medal tally and news highlights, you can visit our CWG2010 Medal Tally and News page.

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