Commonwealth Games 2010 Medal Tally and Security Preparation for the Closing Ceremony

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Updated October 15:

Here is the link to the Commonwealth Games 2010 Closing Ceremony Video.

Updated October 14:

Here is the Commonwealth Games 2010 (CWG2010) Final Medal Tally.

Tomorrow is the last day of the Commonwealth Games 2010 (CWG2010), and it is safe to say now that Australia will be the overall winner for the most number of medals won.

But the question is, who will be the second place for the most number of gold medals won, will it be India or England?

According to the latest medal tally (see matrix below), Australia now won 71 gold, 49 silver, and 47 bronze medals, with a total of 167 medals won.

On the other hand, England still maintains its second place with a total number of 137 medals, 37 gold, 56 silver, and 44 bronze medals, and will need 30 medals to win as the overall champion for CWG2010.

And while India has 26 silver, and 33 bronze medals, the host country has also 36 gold, which is 1 gold medal behind England, although far behind in terms of total number of medals; with only 95 medals so far.

Meanwhile, Indian police are telling news that they are doing their best to give the best security for the CWG2010 closing ceremony, which will be held at the 60,000 capacity Jawaharlal Nehru stadium.

According to Indian news, a security ring will surround the marathon race, as well as for the commuters passing through.

“We are not leaving any stone untoward. The heightened security will be there. The arrangements have been so for so good,” a senior police official was quoted as saying.

Reports also said that Delhi Police Commissioner Y S Dadwal already reviewed the arrangements for the closing ceremony as well as the marathon on a meeting with senior officials.

Spectators will have to pass through very strict security inspection at four security points, while hundreds of armed men will be deployed around the stadium, the news said.

In addition, Indian Air Force choppers and snipers were said to be keeping an eye during the whole Commonwealth Games 2010 (CWG2010) closing ceremony.

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