Commonwealth Games 2010: Medal Tally and Free Tickets to fill Empty Seats

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Updated October 14:

Here is the Commonwealth Games 2010 (CWG2010) Final Medal Tally.

Post update: October 7:

Here is the latest medal tally for the on-going Commonwealth Games 2010 as of October 7, the fourth day of the said sports event.

After the highly-appraised Commonwealth Games 2010 opening ceremony in India on October 3, there were reported problems such as alleged bomb threats, technical problems, and some sanitary issues again.

However, the biggest problem so far that that organizers may be encountering lately are the obvious empty seats, according to recent reports.

Games organizing committee head Suresh Kalmadi, in a press conference, reportedly admitted that ‘only 600,000 of the 1.5m available tickets for the 12 days of the event had been sold’.

And to fill in the empty seats, the organizers are thinking of giving away free tickets.

“There are already steps are being taken in that direction,” Kalmadi said.

“We are working on the children from schools, as well as from the low level of the society”. He added.

But as a consolation, India is now on the second spot according to the latest medal tally in terms of gold medal, and well as for the total number of medals won so far, but England shares the place.

Meanwhile, Australia leads the race by winning 22 gold medals and has 46 medals all in all so far.

While one might have found a lot of metal tally online, we decided to get the one from the official site of the Commonwealth Games 2010, which is

Below is the latest medal tally as of October 6, the third day of the said sports event.

To get the latest Commonwealth Games 2010 medal tally and news highlights, you can visit our CWG2010 Medal Tally and News page.

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