Commonwealth Games 2010 Medal Tally and Closing Ceremony Preview

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Updated October 15:

Here is the link to the Commonwealth Games 2010 Closing Ceremony Video.

Updated October 14:

Here is the Commonwealth Games 2010 (CWG2010) Final Medal Tally.

The day 8 of the Commonwealth Games 2010 (CWG2010) is almost over, as well as the entire sports event, which will have its closing ceremony on October 14.

But while there is almost 2 days left on the CWG2010, Australia is now more or less celebrating for being the overall winner for winning the most number of medals.

According to the latest medal tally (see matrix below), Australia now won 64 gold, 44 silver, and 40 bronze medals, with a total of 148 medals won.

Meanwhile, England still maintains its second place with a total number of 116 medals, but is now 32 medals behind Australia. So far, it had won 30 gold, 56 silver, and 36 bronze medals.

On the other hand, India has 31 gold, 25 silver, and 30 bronze medals, with a total of 86 medals; and only 1 gold medal ahead of England.

Speaking of the closing ceremony, has reported a small peek about the CWG2010 closing ceremony preview.

First, the CWG2010 closing ceremony organizers was reportedly preparing it to be a gala celebration showing the modern India, with a ‘first time to see’ laser show and a ‘pop party’.

The same Wizcraft International that organized the extravagant opening ceremony was said to be the one to also plan for the Commonwealth Games 2010 closing ceremony on Thursday.

“The closing ceremony will have a huge pop party as it is celebration time for everyone. Apart from the colorful laser show, the ceremony will also showcase India’s martial arts,” Wizcraft International president Viraf Sarkari said.

But for those who expect some Bollywood celebrities in the closing ceremony, Sarkari was quoted as saying that ‘Stars are not important, concept is the key’.

In related news, the Armed Forces of India will not join the CWG2010 closing ceremony, reports revealed.

According to Indian news, Organizing Committee head Suresh Kalmadi said they have run out of tickets for the army, which was said to have won 23 medals, including 8 golds medals.

And to add the celebration of the CWG2010 closing ceremony, President Mahinda Rajapakse of Sri Lanka was reported to be the guest of honor.

As a senior Indian foreign ministry official confirmed to, the Sri Lankan president will meet his Indian counterpart and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

And on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II, who is the head of the Commonwealth, Britain‘s Prince Edward will be formally closing the Commonwealth Games 2010.

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