Commonwealth Games 2010 Final Medal Tally: India won Second Place for Gold Medals

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Updated October 15:

Here is the link to the Commonwealth Games 2010 Closing Ceremony Video.

The long wait is over, as the Commonwealth Games 2010 (CWG2010) finally ended today after its opening ceremony on October 3.

As some people monitoring the trend of the medal tally of the said sports event expected, Australia bagged the overall champion for CWG2010 for the number of medals won, in all aspects.

According to the final medal tally at (see matrix below), Australia won 74 gold, 55 silver, and 48 bronze medals, with a total of 177 medals won.

On the other hand, England finished with a total number of 142 medals, 37 gold, 59 silver, and 46 bronze medals, and won as the second place in terms of numbers of medals won.

Meanwhile, India fought very hard to win its second place in terms of gold medals, and made it with flying colors.

The host country won 27 silver, and 36 bronze medals, and 38 gold medals to leave 1 gold medal ahead of England, with a total of 101 medals won.

According to Indian news sites, it was a record-high and so far the best performance for their athletes.

Also as reported by Indian news sites, most of the medals won came from the Shooting, Wrestling, Boxing, and Archery.

India, despite of its shortcomings and controversies before and during the Commonwealth Games 2010, took pride in convincing the world that their country deserved to be chosen as the venue for the said sports event.

Delhi has performed and the overall image of the Games has been extremely positive”, Commonwealth Games Federation chief Mike Fennell was quoted saying during the closing press conference.

Meanwhile, the CWG2010 closing ceremony is being expected to be as elegant and stunning as the opening ceremony.

Incidentally, the gates for spectators will open at 2:30 pm, the pre-show is said to start at 5:50 pm, while the grand finale will be about 9:20 pm, Indian news reported.

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