Commonwealth Bank ATM Bug allows accounts to withdraw free cash

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Sydney, Australia – A bug is now affecting Commonwealth Bank ATM, which now allows accounts to withdraw free cash, as published on Australian news sites on Monday.

Commonwealth Bank ATM
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According to reports, about 40 branches of Commonwealth Bank in various areas were affected by the bug, wherein customers can withdraw money more than what they have and even without funds.

Apparently, local authorities are warning the public as some customers were reported to have deliberately taking advantage of the situation and withdrew excess cash.

Later, a Commonwealth Bank spokesman told the news that the ATM bug started after an issue regarding the maintenance arises, or sent the machines to ‘stand-in’ mode.

The spokesman added that the bank’s online banking service Netbank was also affected by the bug, but was immediately fixed.

“The ATM doesn’t have visibility over a customer’s balance,” the spokesman said, noting that customers can withdraw $500 even if their account has only $100 in it.

“We hope our customers do the right thing and return the cash”. The spokesman added.

Meanwhile, New South Wales (NSW) Police state fraud chief Detective Superintendent Col Dyson warned that consumers who will not return the excess cash to the bank may face criminal charges.

“People should realize that even though an ATM has dispensed cash, they are not entitled to that money and are committing a criminal offense if they keep it,” Detective Superintendent Dyson was quoted as saying.

On the other hand, the bank representative clarified that all ATM transactions are being recorded automatically and those abusers can easily be identified.

As of this writing, the cause of the bug has not yet been known and the affected branches were not revealed.

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