Comic Book ‘The Walking Dead’ will come to life this Halloween on TV

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Comic book series ‘The Walking Dead’ will come to life this Halloween on TV, according to AMC.

The Walking Dead’ is based on the successful and popular comic book with the same title, and was written by Robert Kirkman.

As the comic book tells, it is a survival story of County Sheriff Rick Grimes against a zombie attack on his town as these creepy creatures are roaming around looking for victims.

As for its TV series, ‘The Walking Dead’ will be produced and written by highly-acclaimed director Frank Daramont, who gave us The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile.

Incidentally, he will also direct the 90-minute pilot episode this coming October 31, 10pm EST on AMC.

It will be followed by 60-minute future episodes, and will be co-written and directed by its creator, Robert Kirkman.

“It’s kind of like going back home again and getting a second pass at earlier stuff, it’s a lot of fun.” Robert Kirkman told MTV on an earlier exclusive interview.

Among the stars who will be included in the ‘The Walking DeadTV series are Jon Bernthal, Jeffrey DeMunn, Laurie Holden, Chandler Riggs, Sarah Wayne Callies, and Andrew Lincoln who will play the role of Sheriff Rick Grimes.

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