Coke Super Bowl ad released, Cowboys vs Showgirls vs Badlanders replaces polar bears (Video)

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The new Coke Super Bowl ad has been released, as shown in the video below. However, it is now “Cowboys vs Showgirls vs Badlanders” and viewers can vote whom they want to win. And yes, their traditional polar bears are now gone, signaling the public their concern for the effect of global warning.

Coke Super Bowl ad Coke Chase

Coke Super Bowl ad
Image Credit: Coca-Cola video

Well, that’s right! Coca-Cola Company released this Tuesday, January 22, 2013 its 2013 Super Bowl commercial titled ‘Coke Chase‘, where a group of cowboys is running against a team of showgirls and badlanders to be the first one to reach a giant Coke bottle in a hot desert. This sounds cool, isn’t it?

As explained at, the group of cowboys consists of Ringleader Lushwill, who is in charge of the outfit. He is being joined by Saint John and Virgil as his partners, while Josiah, Amos, and Clara are along for the ride. Twitter users who want them to win should vote for them via hashtag #CokeCowboys.

For the showgirls, Miss Latrobe is their leader; Lucille is navigating the bus, while Ethel chooses the music. Voters must use the hashtag #CokeShowgirls. On the other hand, Altus is the boss of the badlanders, with Hennie being the strongest, and joined by Big Boy, Baseball, Macaw, and Lizard. The hashtag for them is #CokeBadlanders.

In addition, viewers can also delay the other teams by watching the so-called ‘sabotage’ videos, where a Domino delivery man has a cameo role in one of them.

Voters can start casting their votes at this Tuesday, January 22, until the end of the 2013 Super Bowl, which will be on Sunday, February 3, 2013. The winning team (with the largest number of votes) will be featured in the new Coke ad that will be aired right after the Super Bowl game.

Coke Super Bowl ad: Coke Chase
Video Credit: CocaCola/YouTube

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