Coke Holiday Cans: White Coke Cans For Winter Holidays Mistaken for Diet (Video)

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Coke Holiday cans
Coke Holiday Cans
Image Credit: USA Today

Coke holiday cans new design has created confusion and was pulled out by Coca-Cola, according to reports by several international news sites on Thursday, December 1, 2011. The white Coke cans was reportedly designed partly for a white holiday season theme of Coca-Cola and to support the campaign of WWF to conserve the habitat of polar bears.

The design of the coke holiday cans has silver polar bears on white background. The color combination however, caused confusion among Coke customers. Many Coca Cola buyers thought that the new Coke Holiday cans are Diet Coke cans.

Coke decided to change the white background to its original red and kept the polar bears as part of the design.

Below is a Huffington Post video of white Coke holiday cans.

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