Code Breakers Played a Major Role in the Fall of Hitler and the End of WWII

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Adolf Hitler
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The fall of Hitler has been depicted in numerous movies and books that fact is now intertwined with fiction. This makes it difficult for the readers of the younger generation to separate truth from fallacy. New data however, prove that the success of the D-Day landings have hinged largely on the fact that the code breakers during WWII were able to decode the messages of Hitler to his generals in combat.

World War II ended with the invasion of the Allied Forces in Normandy and consequently the return of General MacArthur to the Philippines. The invasion of the Allied Forces in German-occupied territories succeeded because Hitler and the Germans were fed false information about the details of the planned invasion.

After the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese army surrendered as well to end World War II. Much is to be credited to the code breakers who were able to decipher messages sent back and forth from the central command like Hitler and Emperor Hirohito.

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