Coca-cola original top secret formula revealed?

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Coca-cola‘s original top secret formula was said to have been revealed by a US website recently, which was also published by Daily Mail on Monday.

Coca-cola original top secret formula?
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According to, they have acquired a copy of Coca-cola’s secret formula, while the original copy said to be kept in a vault in Atlanta, Georgia, being guarded 24 hours, and supposedly only a few company executives know it.

Based on history, the exact formula of Coca-cola formula was invented in 1886, by an American medicine-chemist named John Pemberton.

Apparently, the website claims they have a copy of the list of original ingredients and quantities needed to produce Coca-cola, and showing two lists from different individuals and comparing them with each other.

It also showed a photo of someone holding a book in which the open pages has a handwritten recipe, apparently taken from the Recipe book of Everett Beal, which was said to have appeared in an article of Atlanta Journal-Constitution, dated February 28, 1979.

The formula was then compared to the supposed content in Pemberton‘s notebook, which was published in 1992; entitled History: For God, Country & Coca-Cola.

The supposed lists of the Coca-cola formula contains the same ingredients, which includes the following; Citric Acid, Caffeine, sugar, water, Lime juice, vanilla, Caramel, alcohol, among others.

However, a secret blend dubbed as ‘7X Flavor’, which was said to be about one percent of the Coca-cola formula, had four times as much for Pemberton’s formula, as compared to Beal’s.

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