Coach Lovie Smith Lashes Back: Jay Cutler is a Tough Guy

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Coach Lovie Smith lashes back amidst tweets that quarterback Jay Cutler had no guts to stay in the game. Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears took a lot of taunting tweets from some NFL players for “quitting” in the second half of the NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers.  This was reported by International Sports News, January 24, 2011.

Lovie Smith clarified that Jay Cutler wanted to go back to the game but he had a sprained ligament on his knee that prompted them to stop him. “Them” refers to Lovie and the team’s medical staff. Smith further stated that “Our quarterback is a tough guy,” explaining that the MCL sprain had prevented Cutler from playing the rest of the game. The Chicago Bears lost to the Green Bay Packers 21-14.

Logical reasoning would indeed establish that Jay Cutler would not have quitted, if he was physically capable of going back to the game. Why would a quarterback, who wants to be the best in the world, quit in a major game that would bring him closer to his most cherished dream? Unless, he could not actually perform the task at hand.

Jay Cutler should be commended for “listening” to his coach and medical staff.  With this discerning and wise attitude, he would go places. Because toughness is not only seen outwardly, but is also seen in the way a man calmly handles a tough situation.

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