Coach Bruce Pearl of the University of Tennessee, Does He Deserve to Be Fired?

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Coach Bruce Pearl
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Bruce Pearl apparently deserves to be fired with  the violations that the NCAA has dump on him and Tennessee, as reported by sports news sites March 21, 2011, but the question of motivation comes into play. “What motivated him to do it? Was the purpose “bad” per se? Or was he still trying to think of his team’s benefit from it?

Pearl has been a vital moving force in University of Tennessee’s awareness of the sports and had contributed to worthy causes that not any coach had done in the past.

The case of Jim Tressel of Ohio State, was about violations too. “The end does not justify the means.” And “It is not winning that is important but how you win is vital.” When a person has done something ‘bad” there should be corresponding sanctions equal to the violations.

But being fired is tantamount to closing a chapter of Bruce Pearl’s life. The final question is, “Is the man beyond redemption?  If he is not, then why don’t people give him a chance? Even criminals deserve a second chance, and Bruce Pearl certainly has not caused the demise of anyone.

Sweet 16 has arrived and the March Madness is nearing its conclusion but no matter what some people say, Bruce Pearl deserves a second chance.

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