Cleveland Cavaliers Offered Ted Williams, The Homeless Man With A Golden Radio Voice A Full-Time Job And A House

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“The Cleveland Cavaliers just offered me a full-time job and a house! A house! A house!” These were the words of Ted Williams on WNCI’s 97.9 Dave and Jimmy Radio Show this morning in Columbus, Ohio.

Ted Williams, the homeless man is reportedly homeless-no-more after Cleveland Cavaliers took notice of him when he became popular on the internet, thanks to Columbus Dispatch reporter who uploaded his interview on Youtube. The Cleveland Cavaliers offered him a full-time job and a house during the live radio show.

“I’ve been out there about a year; I just didn’t know anything like this would ever happen. There’s so many words. I’ve already been compared to Susan Boyle. I’m just so happy,” Ted Williams was quoted saying.

Listen to the WNCI 97.9 interview of Ted Williams in the Youtube video below uploaded by user Bunomous, which includes the offer to Ted Williams from Cleveland Cavaliers:

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