Clelia II: MV Clelia II Cruise Ship Sustained Damage Resumes Journey Alone

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The Antarctic cruise chip MV Clelia II with 88 American passengers and 77 crew members aboard reportedly sustained damage after being battered by brutal huge waves on Tuesday.

Clelia II Cruise Ship
Clelia II
Image Credit: AP Photo/Fiona Stewart, Garett McIntosh

According to reports, Clelia II had suffered engine damage in a severe storm off the coast of Argentina. International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators said in a statement that a wave broke a starboard bridge window and damaged its control electronics.

After declaring an emergency on Tuesday, the National Geographic Explorer ship accompanied the Clelia II and helped them in restoring its communications.

Clelia II resumed its journey alone after the repairs were completed. It is expected to join with an Argentine channel pilot Thursday evening and arrive in Ushuaia, Argentina, early Friday.

Reports said that there are no injuries to passengers, but one member of the crew sustained minor injuries.

A YouTube video of Clelia II struggling in the waves was uploaded by YouTube user RussiaToday.

Dramatic video of Clelia II Antarctic cruise ship slammed by giant waves.

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