“Cleaning Fairy” In Ohio Charges $75 For Her Work

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Cleaning Fairy
Cleaning Fairy
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A real life “cleaning fairy“, who broke into a Westlake, Ohio home and did some light cleaning and left a bill might face new charges anytime soon.

According to a report on NBC on Thursday, May 31, 2012, Susan Warren (Sue Warren in other reports) broke into Sherry Bush‘s house last week, took out the trash, cleaned up the playroom and vacuumed the carpet. She also washed all the coffee mugs, and then left a note on a napkin saying “$75 I was here to clean” with her name and number.

The Bushes thought a cleaning service sent someone to the wrong house, so they called the number on the note.

“I think our jaws just dropped to the ground,” Sherry Bush reportedly said. “I said, what happened, did you get the wrong house? She said, ‘No, I do this all the time.’ I said, What do you mean? She said, ‘I just stop and clean your house.'”

According to reports, Warren was charged with criminal trespassing when she did it last month. Meanwhile, no charges have been filed against her yet in Westlake, but they may still come. Warren was apprehended by the Elyria Police Department and taken into custody by Westlake Police, reports said.

“Now that we’ve seen the job that she did, it was like whoa, $75? $15 maybe,” Bush was quoted as saying.

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