Claudine Barretto On Her Angry Twitter Post

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Just recently, Claudine Barretto twitted some not so good messages pertaining to someone whom she referred to as a “not important” person. She did not mention the name of that person so it’s like “matamaan na ang matamaan” kind of message.

During a press conference of actress Claudine Barretto for her movie “In Your Eyes” she was not able to escaped the writers question about her angry post on twitter.

She declined to name the subject of her angry post. According to Claudine she just expressed her hurt feelings and whoever that person was and why she reacted that way are no longer important.

“You’re not worth it, girl. I’ll keep praying for your soul. Napakasama ng ginawa mo,” was one of the twitter messages of Claudine. And on August 4 Claudine tweeted : “Don’t mess with my family… Sana mangyari sa’yo ito if pakasalan ka… Sana ma-remember mo yung magagandang bagay na ginawa namin ng family ko for you… Di pa tapos ’to…” Rumors said that she was pertaining to Angelica Panganiban who had a word war recently with Gretchen Barretto. It was in The Buzz when Angelica apologized to Gretchen.

According to Claudine, she was just protective with her family and friends and she would not allow anyone to hurt them. Was the messages really intended for Angelica Panganiban? If it’s not Angelica… then who? Hope there won’t be another word war!!!

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