CJ Senter, 10-Year-Old ‘Workout Kid’ From Georgia (Video)

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CJ Senter
C. J. Senter
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C. J. Senter, a 10-year-old kid from Locust Grove, Georgia has formed his body muscles without lifting weights and not getting into any serious diet, according to reports by several international news sites on Sunday, July 17, 2011.

For five years now, C. J. has been engaged into serious workout that led others into tagging him as a “Workout Kid.” He does his routine workout called burpee, that include a squat, push-up, and jump, three times a week. The kid also shares his routine moves to older kids in the neighborhood gym.

C.J. said that his workout “feels great” and he “love staying fit and healthy.” He revealed that he “don’t use weights” and “don’t bench press” for it is “not good for kids.” C.J. said that he “eat everything.”

Below is a video of CJ Senter posted on YouTube by cjtheworkoutkid.

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