Chuck the Dog welcomes soldier back home YouTube video goes viral (Video)

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A dog named Chuck recently welcomed back his owner, a soldier, as shown in the video below, which is going viral not only for a touching moment but also it was the second time around after more than a year. The first video can also be watched below.

Chuck the Dog and owner Nick
Image Credit: Kdaisy84/YouTube

As seen in the YouTube video, which has a title of “Dog Welcomes Home Soldier…Again”, a voice of a woman was heard saying, “Daddy’s home”, which prompted Chuck the dog to jump from the back of a parked SUV and ran towards a man.

As noted at Yahoo News, the soldier’s name is Nick, who served eight months in Afghanistan and returned home to his wife, Katie, in Germany, with the video at YouTube last March 22 and has nearly 1.6 million views as of this writing.

Chuck, a boxer dog, could not control his excitement after being reunited with Nick and jumped all over him, licked him when he bent down his knees that caused his sunglasses to fall from his cap. The soldier picked it up and put it on top of the vehicle’s front top.

“To say that our boxer, Chuck, was excited to see him come home is an understatement.” A statement reads on the YouTube description, adding that the title mentioned “again” because the same scene also happened a year ago.

Apparently, Katie was referring to a separate YouTube video she uploaded on February 9, 2011, and has a title of “Dog Welcomes Home Soldier“, with a statement on the description that reads, “My husband got home from deployment and our boxer, Chuck, couldn’t be happier!”

That time, Nick arrived at home from another destination and Chuck the Dog welcomed him with excitement, and got even more excited when the soldier lied down on the floor, with the pet wagging its tail and licked his face.

Dog Welcomes Home Soldier…Again
Video Credit: Kdaisy84/YouTube

Dog Welcomes Home Soldier
Video Credit: Kdaisy84/YouTube

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