Christmas Gift Registry: New Holiday Season Trend of Gift Giving

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Christmas Gift Registry site

Christmas Gift Registry site
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Christmas gift registry is reportedly becoming popular this holiday season as a way of gift giving and sharing Christmas gift ideas. Many people are now signing up for Christmas gift registry sites, according to reports by several international news sites on Saturday, December 17, 2011.

Reports say that among the Christmas gift registry sites that has become popular over the years include and

Gift givers can use the free Christmas gift registry sites to create their own registry sites by just signing up online.

The website revealed that it took them “a year to build the first FREE online Christmas Gift Registry that allows children to email their yearly gift wish-list.”

According to Rebecca and Andrew of The CheckedTwice holiday gift registy, they “searched and searched and could not find an online registry that was right for our family’s holiday celebration: something that was easy to use and had all of our wishlists in the same place. So we made our own…”

Christmas gift registry is one way of eliminating the guessing game of buying gifts, however, reports say that some people feel that the registry is taking away the spirit of the season.

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