Christmas cards still popular in the US but only 83% of Americans plans to send one, survey says

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Christmas cards are said to be still popular in the US but a survey said that only 83% of Americans will likely send one this year, with the ones not planning cited various reasons.

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According to a recent post by the Greeting Card Association (GCA) on its official website, one out of four Americans do not plan to send Christmas cards in 2011, citing concerns about time, hassle and price.

As noted in the report, Opinion Research Corporation (ORC) made a survey on 1,016 adults comprising 510 male and 506 female, ages 18 and above, and living in private households within the US continental region.

Based on the phone survey, 32% of those who do not have plans to buy a Christmas card said they do not have time while another 32% said that Christmas cards these days are too expensive; and 16% noted that they cannot find the addresses anymore.

On the other hand, 69% of those who plan to send one noted they plan to send Christmas cards via US mail, 17% plan to send e-greetings, and 11% are planning to send a family newsletter instead.

Hanukkah and Christmas cards still account for a little more than one-fifth of the nearly 5 billion paper greeting cards sent last year.” GCA president Susan January was quoted at Denver Post.

“Holiday card-sending is flat and slightly down across the industry at large,” January added, who is also the vice president of Leanin’ Tree, Inc. in Colorado, noting that sending Christmas cards is still a part of the holiday season.

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