Christine O’Donnell explains CNN Piers Morgan interview walk out

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Christine O’Donnell explained on Thursday, August 18, 2011 at Fox why she walked out during CNN Piers Morgan interview on Wednesday.

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That day, O’Donnell appeared at “Piers Morgan Tonight” show at CNN to talk about her new book “Trouble Maker: Let’s Do What It Takes to Make America Great Again”.

However, the 41-year old former Delaware GOP Senate candidate took off her microphone and walked out and claimed that Piers Morgan is getting “rude”.

“That’s why I agreed to come on your show. That’s what I want to talk about,” O’Donnell added, referring to the Tea Party principles on her new book.

“I’m not being weird. You’re being a little rude. Don’t you think as a host, if I say this is what I want to talk about, that’s what we should address?” she asked Morgan, who replied “No”.

Piers, thanks for the invite. Schedule is already packed, maybe another night. No hard feelings, you cheeky bugger.” Christine O’Donnell (@ChristineOD) tweeted earlier, after the CNN interview.

As noted at Fox, O’Donnell appeared at Fox 5 the next day, which was noted to be her first interview after the CNN walk out, that it was not about the gay marriage issue that she did not want to talk about.

“Well first of all I want to set the record straight, it wasn’t the question on gay marriage,” O’Donnell was quoted telling Fox’s Steve Chenevey, noting that she was not at Piers Morgan‘s show to talk about sεx.

“He had a decidedly inappropriate line of questions leading up to that, that many people – bloggers, are saying was just border-line creepy.” O’Donnell added.

“And, I’m trying to move away from it, you know, I’m not a 20-year-old on MTV right now, so let’s get back to the political issues that I lay out in the book – and he wouldn’t let up,” she continued.

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