Christina Aguilera arrested on public drunkenness, released on bail and without charges

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Singer Christina Aguilera was arrested in Los Angeles after being suspected of being drunk in public on Tuesday morning, but was later released on bail without any charges filed.

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According to Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles County officials stopped a car at around 2:45 a.m. on Tuesday, March 1, after noticing that it is running erratically, which later learned that Christina Aguilera was in it.

The driver, her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, was arrested in suspicion of DUI (drunk driving), while the 30-year old pop singer was arrested due to suspected public drunkenness and was described as intoxicated.

Apparently, Christina Aguilera was reported to have booked at the West Hollywood sheriff’s station and was later released after posting a $250 bail, LA Times reported.

Rutler, 25, was left in police custody, and his bail was said to be set at $30,000.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore told the news that Christina Aguilera will not be charged but the arrest will be on record.

“She (Aguilera) was taken into custody for her own safety but the circumstances don’t merit criminal charges.” The spokesman was quoted as saying, adding that the singer will not be prosecuted.

On the first week of February, Christina Aguilera made into the headlines after changing the lyrics of the American National Anthem while performing for the Super Bowl XLV, but later apologized.

About one week later, Christina Aguilera became a trending topic again when she was caught on video as she slips on stage after her performance at the 2011 Grammy Awards night.

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