Christchurch earthquake death toll reaches to 89, hundreds still believed to be missing

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The casualties in the Christchurch earthquake had reached to 89, and hundreds were still believed to be missing, according to the latest development from news site in New Zealand.

CTV building aerial view
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As earlier reported, death toll was only 65 but authorities believed it can be higher since search and rescue operation still continue to find bodies in collapsed buildings.

Meanwhile, different foreigners were also being reported to have been injured and others still trapped inside the buildings in Christchurch, including Filipino nurses who were believed to be inside the CTV building.

Different events were also canceled due to 6.3-magnitude Christchurch earthquake last Tuesday, February 22, 2011, few minutes before 1 p.m.

This includes Hurricanes and Canterbury Super Rugby match and the Ellerslie Flower Show, as company employees and workers are being advised to wear red and black clothing as a sign of sorrow.

On the other hand, foreign rescue teams have arrived in Christchurch including that from Taiwan, Japan, US, UK, Singapore, and Australia, as power is still cut on about 25 percent of the area.

According to the latest report, emergency services tonight rushed to evacuate streets after the cliff in the suburb of Redcliffs has a great possibility of collapsing.

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