Christa McAuliffe and Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion Remembered

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Christa Mcauliffe

The Space Shuttle Challenger explosion where Christa McAuliffe and 6 other astronauts died, while onlookers had watched in horror, is still painfully remembered every 28th of January.

Local New Hampshire news reported January 27, 2011, that even after 25 years, the residents of Concord, still feel the tragic loss of one of their most beloved teachers during the Challenger disaster that left the whole world shocked and grieving.

The Challenger explosion happened 25 years ago on January 28, 1986, a few seconds after lifting off from the Kennedy Space Center. NASA chose McAuliffe among thousands of teacher applicants to be the first civilian teacher in space.

The historical lift off was televised “live” across the nation and all over the world. Thousands were speechless and in tears as they witnessed helplessly, the horrendous event unfolding before their very own eyes.

The Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy has brought some significant NASA concerns to the forefront, and had made people realize that there is a high risk involved for human space flights.

Presently, complacency seems to set in, but NASA is hopeful for the future. Every year, wreaths are offered at the Arlington National Cemetery, in memory of the 7 brave heroes of the Challenger Space Shuttle, who sacrificed their lives for love of science and of country.

This is a video uploaded by BlueStar118, about Christa McAuliffe’s “Reach for the Stars.”

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