Chris Evans as Captain America latest photo released

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Comicbook Movie published a scan photo of Chris Evans as Captain America on Thursday, apparently taken from this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine.

Chris Evans plays the role of Steve Rogers in the latest Marvel movie Captain America: The First Avenger, directed by Joe Johnston, and which will be shown on July 22, 2011.

As shown in the photo below, this latest costume of Captain America seems to look like jumpsuit, but some entertainment news sites noted that it somehow has a futuristic touch.

And while the designer team decided not to make it the ‘standard leather or plastic costume’ that other superheroes usually wear, observers say that the cloth costume makes more appropriate and fits perfectly to Chris Evans.

“He likes to do it all by himself.” Costume designer Anna Sheppard said, adding that Chris Evans took 25 minutes to wear it without the help of anyone. “I think it helps him feel like a super hero.”

Nevertheless, Captain America still has the same ‘A’ on his helmet, along with the famous shield.

Meanwhile, earlier reports revealed that Sony released the first official photo of Andrew Garfield who plays the role of Spiderman, which is scheduled to be shown next year.

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