Choking baby at McDonald’s saved by restaurant staff, caught on CCTV camera (Video)

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A choking baby inside the McDonald’s Mt Druitt branch in Sydney, Australia named Vaokakala Nevaeh Mara Tere-Vave was saved by the restaurant’s staff. The entire incident happened late last month and was captured by CCTV camera as shown in the video below.

Choking baby at McDonald’s being saved
Image Credit: Channel Nine’s video

As noted at on Monday, August 6, 2012, the CCTV footage was aired on Channel Nine’s A Current Affair and the choking baby is around 14 months old, daughter of Tevita, 19, and Glory, 18. They rushed their child to the counter of the restaurant after realizing that she had stopped breathing.

According to the report, among those who immediately came to the rescue include restaurant manager James Hatcher, and fellow employees Rachel Whyat and Stephanie Farugia, along with a customer named Naomi Donovan.

“She was going ‘save my baby, she’s choking, she’s not breathing.’ It just kicked in straight away; that you have to do this.” James Hatcher was quoted telling to A Current Affair; who started to dislodge the child’s windpipe and was assisted by others, as the baby turns blue and becomes unconscious.

Meanwhile, a call made to emergency and its staff gave instructions Farugia over the phone. A lady drive-thru customer left her car and also offered assistance to save the choking baby. An ambulance arrived immediately and by that time, baby Nevaeh is already breathing and is starting to recover.

“At the time I grabbed her she was limp, really limp, going blue she wasn’t breathing. I’m thinking she might not survive. She’s in my hands, I’m staring at her parents screaming and crying.” Naomi Donovan told A Current Affair, as Nevaeh‘s father keeps on pleading to help them save their baby.

The baby girl reportedly spent overnight in a hospital but was released without further treatment, with hospital staff saying that Nevaeh suffered from a seizure, which caused her to choke. The said incident was said to be possible to happen to any child below six years old.

Choking baby at McDonald’s, being saved by restaurant staff
Video Credit: gakyoungtube/YouTube/Channel Nine’s A Current Affair

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