Chocolate Milk Ban in Schools Being Considered, Parents and Nutritionists Divided

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Some US states are planning to ban chocolate milk in schools, several news sites reported on Monday.

According to reports, a statewide ban of flavored milk in schools is being considered in Florida. Meanwhile Los Angeles Unified‘s Superintendent John Deasy announced that he would push for the removal of strawberry and milk chocolate in schools this summer.

Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk
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The said actions were reportedly due to increasing pressure on schools to offer healthier food. Chocolate milk has been under scrutiny due to the ingredient that makes it sweet – sugar.

However, reports said that parents and nutritionists are divided on the issue. Many argue that the nutritional value of flavored low-fat or skim milk outweighs the harm of added sugar.

“Chocolate milk has been unfairly pegged as one of the causes of obesity,” Julie Buric, vice president of marketing for the Milk Processors Education Program, was quoted saying.

“By allowing kids flavored milk, they still get the calcium they need. If not, they’d bypass it.” Deborah Bellholt, a South Los Angeles mother reportedly said.

Meanwhile, others said that flavored milk is one of the causes of the nation’s child obesity epidemic, thus, it simply needs to go.

“Chocolate milk is soda in drag. It works as a treat in homes, but it doesn’t belong in schools,” Ann Cooper, director of nutrition services for the Boulder Valley School District in Louisville, Colorado, which has banned flavored milk, was quoted saying.

“If you offer them the choice of chocolate or plain, of course they’re going to choose chocolate,” Mimi Bonetti a suburban Los Angeles mother was quoted saying. “When you’re telling kids that drinking chocolate milk is a healthy choice, it’s sending the wrong message,” Bonetti reportedly said.

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