Choc Edge: World’s first 3D chocolate printer launched, pre-orders now available (Video)

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Choc Edge launched on Monday, April 9, 2012 the so-called world’s first 3D chocolate printer with pre-orders now available, and is being expected to be out for sale by the end of April. A demo video is available below.

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As described by Choc Edge on its official website recently, Choc Edge aims to become the world leader in cutting edge chocolate printing solutions, which will allow users to create personalized chocolates.

As introduced last July 2011, the 3D chocolate printer was invented by Choc Edge founder Dr Liang Hao of University of Exeter in UK, as a result of collective creation and development with colleagues and students at the university.

“We’ve improved and simplified the machine, so now it is really easy to use. You just need to melt some chocolate, fill a syringe that is stored in the printer, and get creative printing your chocolate.” Dr Liang Hao was quoted telling to BBC News, noting that it works just like any 3D printer.

Meanwhile, Choc Edge said they are now offering pre-orders for the 3D chocolate printer at a discounted selling price of £2,488 (around $3,800), which is £400 cheaper than the regular price of £2,888 ($3,500).

However, this discount items are only 90 units (printer #s 11-100) with Choc Edge noting that a 30% down payment (£746.40) is needed for the pre-orders and is payable via Paypal, with the item to arrive 9-12 weeks after ordering.

Choc Edge, 3D Chocolate Printer
Video Credit: Choc Edge/YouTube

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