Chino Trinidad tweets, answers back to Nonito Donaire Jr allegations

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Chino Trinidad
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Manila, Philippines – Sportscaster Chino Trinidad apparently answered back to the allegations of Filipino-American boxer Nonito Donaire Jr. on Sunday, March 6, 2011.

As reported at local news sites, Chino Trinidad posted on Twitter his response to the claim of Nonito Donaire Jr. that some sports media were to be blamed for the exaggerated reports about the misunderstanding between him and his father, Nonito Donaire Sr.

“What has been said in the media was… blown into something really big.” Nonito Donaire Jr. said on the YouTube video, who also warned Chino Trinidad on Facebook.

“It didn’t help that the media twisted and edited the words to actually make us fight more,” Rachel Donaire said, also in the video.

Meanwhile, Chino Trinidad voiced out his reactions on his official Twitter account on Saturday, and below are some of his tweets.

“Funny how Mr. and Mrs. Donaire are so afraid of the ghost they created. If they aint stupid enough, maybe they would know that I don’t even have a byline. Maybe they can blame Facebook and Twitter. ”

“Nonito Jr. I am not gonna fight you atop the ring but one thing I know, I will never runaway from a good fight.”

Nonito Jr, you better ask your a coward of a father in law who used your mother in laws FB account in maligning my character for merely posting a story on your celebrated feud then your tigas t_t_ (read in street lingo as coward) biyenan (father in-law) after seeing the reaction of my FB friends removed me from his wife’s FB friends but not before the whole whole world saw who the real Gerry Marcial is.”

“Kung matapang ka talaga Nonito Jr., alam mo kung saan mo ako makikita. Hihintayin kita. Gaguhin mo na ang lahat- huwag lang ang pangalan namin Hindi ako natatakot sa isang hikain at iyakin. Madami na akong nakita na kagaya mo in this lifetime…”

(If you are really brave, Nonito Jr., you know where to see me. I will wait for you. You can fool everybody but not our name. I am not afraid of you, being asthmatic and cry baby. I have met a lot of people like you before)

Apparently, the Nonito Donaire Jr vs. Chino Trinidad word war attracted comments in Facebook and Twitter and the latter seemed to have lost his temper on some of the commentators.

As of this writing, Chino Trinidad’s last tweet expressed that he will be the first one to be silent about this issue and will take to God as to whatever has happened between him and Nonito Donaire Jr.

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