Chinese Stealth Fighter J-20 appeared to have made its first flight test (Photo)

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Beijing, ChinaChinese stealth fighter J-20 appeared to have made its first flight test on Tuesday and flew for about 2 minutes, according to international news sites and apparently claimed by some Chinese bloggers.

Last week, reports revealed that the photo of the J-20 Stealth Fighter was allowed to be published online that looks like to be bigger than US or Russian stealth planes, and was said to be a potential rival of F-22 of US, the only fully operational stealth fighter in the world.

Now, J-20 stealth fighter photos are being published online again and suggesting that it was tested for the first time, and claims said that its development seem to be faster than expected.

According to reports, the supposed first flight test of J-20 was made at the Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute in southwestern part of China at around 1 p.m. on Tuesday.

Apparently, the photo showing the J-20 first flight test was said to be also posted at, the website of the Chinese Global Times newspaper, and was then re-posted at, a more commercialized Chinese website.

Reports also said that the J-20 flight testing happened a few hours before US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates met with China leader Hu Jintao.

Mr. Bates is on a 3-day visit in China, apparently to talk to China leaders to strengthen the military ties between the two countries that experts believed to be weakening.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government was said to have not confirm the news about the ‘J-20 first flight test’.

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