Chinese New Year 2011 Predictions on Year of the Golden Rabbit by Feng Shui Expert Marites Allen (video)

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The highly anticipated 2011 Chinese New Year or the Year of the Golden Metal Rabbit has brought a lot of predictions or forecasts, and discussions on the lucky zodiac signs or horoscope from Feng Shui experts and Astrologers. Marites Allen, president and CEO of World of Feng Shui Philippines (WOFS) and host of The Marites Allen Show on ANC, shared her predictions for the Chinese New Year 2011 in an interview with Bottomline show at ANC. Allen was interviewed by top celebrity talk show host, Boy Abunda. Chinese New Year 2011 celebration is on February 3.

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According to Allen, a Feng Shui expert, people who were born on the Year of the Snake will be lucky in the 2011 Year of the Golden Metal Rabbit.

Allen predicted that ABS-CBN‘s top Kapamilya star, Kris Aquino, will be lucky until 2013. She added that it is up to Aquino if she wants to choose money or love.

Philippine President ‘Noynoy’ Benigno Aquino III, being born in the Year of the Rat, is predicted to face a challenging year in 2011. Allen said that PNoy will be facing a big responsibility that may affect his health in the Year of the Golden Metal Rabbit. However, PNoy will be lucky in her love life and money.

The lady Feng Shui expert also revealed that she is studying the veracity about the prediction that the end of the world is in December 21, 2012.

The Feng Shui expert reminded Bottomline viewers that charms and amulets will not just give everyone a prosperous year unless they “work hard and believe in the fate that awaits” them.

According to Marites Allen website, “The Marites Allen Show is a one hour informative talk show program, which aims to address the wonders of feng Shui in to the lives of many Filipinos and to enlighten the viewers here and abroad about the significance of the art and science of feng Shui.”

Below is a video posted on YouTube by user Kunuyo  with the complete Predictions of Marites Allen for the 2011 Chinese New Year or the Year of the Golden Metal Rabbit during her Bottomline interview with Boy Abunda.

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