Chinese Factory Shut Down for Enslaving Mentally Challenged Workers

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A Chinese factory was shut down for enslaving mentally challenged workers. The mentally challenged workers from Quxian were sold by an adoption agency to the factory, which in turn treated them as slaves.

Chinese State news said that the 11 workers, most of them mentally challenged, labored without pay, ate dog food, and were not given protective gear at work. Peng Gengui, a worker, said they were even beaten up when they “break the rules.” This happened at the Jiaersi Green Construction Factory in the Western region of Toksun in Xinjiang.

The factory owner Li Xinglin is still being hunted down by Chinese law authorities while Zeng Lingquan, the adoption agency’s owner was taken in for questioning.

The Chinese government immediately organized a police operation to track Li and rescue the 11 workers to safer and more comfortable lodgings.

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