China Telecom denies allegations of hijacking US websites traffic last April

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China Telecom denies the allegations of hijacking on US websites traffic last April, according to international news sites.

As it was believed to be first reported by Reuters, China Telecom denied on Wednesday that their company allegedly ‘hijacked’ Internet traffic in the US, which took place in April, 2010.

“The spokesman of China Telecom Corporation Limited denied any hijack of internet traffic,” according to an email sent to Reuters.

The incident report, which was published by the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission, said the traffic hijacking last for 18 minutes and affected about 15 percent of the world’s Internet traffic.

The report also said the traffic for US government websites which include sites for the Office of the Senate, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Commerce Department, and NASA were said to have been rerouted to China.

According to the draft report obtained by ABC News, “For about 18 minutes on April 8, 2010, China Telecom advertised erroneous network traffic routes that instructed U.S. and other foreign Internet traffic to travel through Chinese servers.”

“Evidence related to this incident does not clearly indicate whether it was perpetrated intentionally and, if so, to what ends. However, computer security researchers have noted that the capability could enable severe malicious activities,” as added into that report.

In a separate report published at, Dmitri Alperovitch, vice president of threat research at McAfee said that this is ‘one of the biggest, if not the biggest hijacks we have ever seen’.

And while Alperovitch admits that traffic hijacking happens a few times in a year, the said incident differs a lot from the previous mishaps.

This time, China Telecom allegedly could manage to absorb this huge amount of data and resend it, while the disruption cannot be noticed by anyone.

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