China Moon Landing: Chang’e-3 Lands on the Moon

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China moon landing marked a new milestone for the emerging superpower from Asia.

China made its first moon landing on Saturday, December 14, 2013 with its lunar rover called Jade Rabbit. The successful China moon landing has registered the Asian nation as the third country to have made the outer space navigation. (Watch the Video as Jade Rover lands on the moon.)

The US and Russia has made several moon landing in the past in a show of superiority over the rest of the world. With its growing economy and military might, China may be considering the moon landing as one of the steps to gain respect from the rest of the superpowers.

China‘s moon landing marked the first visit from Earth after 35 years. It’s lunar rover is reportedly exploring the surface of the moon starting on Sunday.

Gregory Kulacki from the Union of Concerned Scientists explained that China’s moon landing “is a very significant step for their space program. It’s a prospecting mission, their first real chance to test whether there are mineral resources on the moon.”

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